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The Impact of Movies And Games on Young Minds

Have you ever wondered or got worried about the impact of movies on children? Well, it is a serious problem as most of the children get so involved with the virtual world presented in movies that they sometimes cannot differentiate the real and the virtual. Children get so hooked up in imitating what they see on TV and games that they would go to the extent of committing hideous crimes.

Recent researches have shown the connection of aggressive behavior among children to violent video games and TV shows. Most researchers feel that at times some video games are helpful to children as they don’t get physically hurt while playing, but it affects the mental growth of the children. Children tend to be lazy, they don’t work hard at school, make fewer friends and become obese. They are sometimes not able to experience or feel the basic emotion such as sadness, pain, etc and always think of hurting or behaving in an aggressive manner to others.

Many psychologists say that the aggressive behavior is something that is present in all human beings. Human beings have evolved from apes so they have the animal instincts inherent in them, which can be controlled but cannot be avoided. Most children after their violent behavior do not show any remorse as they feel it is the natural way of life, like hurting and beating up people to show your feelings. Violent movies and especially games teach children how to attack and even kill silently just like a professional.

หนังออนไลน์ You can take the example of fourteen-year-old Michael Carneal who shot three of his schoolmates in broad daylight. Michael Carneal was a hardcore game fanatic and in 1997, he shot and killed three of his schoolmates. He shot about ten rounds out of which eight of them hit his victims, three wounded on the head and the remaining on the neck. The attorney who was fighting against Michael Carneal said that the shots fired were up to the military standards and were of an expert marksman. Naturally, playing excessive video games gave him enough practice to shoot like an expert.

As you all know in the recent years, schools and colleges in US have seen an increase in the number of campus killing. Most of them are not reported by authorities, but still no precaution has been taken to stop this crime. The authorities on their part have blamed the media and violent movies for these kinds of crime.

Most of the filmmakers have put rating systems for the movies made by them and each rating is done on the basis of the content of movie. If the movie is suitable for general audience then the rating is G, if there are some content that are not suitable for children, the PG(Parental Guidance) is used, and if it is not suitable for kids under thirteen, then PG-13 is used. Even most of the gaming companies have also started using these rating systems for their games, so that it is only accessible to that gender group. But at times most shopkeepers sell the games irrespective of the buyer’s age as they feel that these games will be played under parental guidance.

Sometimes it is a difficult thing for parents to have a check as they go to work at office or home, which sometimes does not give them the time to be with their children. Most of the parents would love to have a chat across the table or at the couch with their children and find out what they are doing, know about their school life, their classes, friends, sports, etc.

In short, the only solution to the problem of the violent behavior among children is to keep a constant check on them. You could check on the games they are playing or the movies or sitcoms watched by them. Try to encourage them to watch movies or play games that do not kindle their violent nature. You can rent a video from a nearby store or watch movies on some of the movie channels aired on popular services like the Dish Network and enjoy a happy family time.

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